Eric Alterman: I Just Can’t Hate John Edwards

I have to agree with Dr. A on this one. As an early Edwards supporter and donor, I do feel betrayed by his (and Elizabeth’s) continuing lies. But there’s more than a bit of mirth from the people who mocked him all along for being a major candidate who championed the poor – I think many of them are breathing a sigh of relief, as his affair assuages their guilt for ignoring the problems of poverty in this nation.

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John Edwards cheated on Elizabeth Edwards with Rielle Hunter and fathered a daughter, whose paternity he has now, finally, admitted. Edwards’ political career is as over as the Macarena. But why, exactly? It’s not as if we don’t allow our politicians their affairs. John McCain cheated on his ex-wife with his current wife. Ditto Rudy Giuliani. Newt Gingrich did it twice, forcing his first wife to go on the equivalent of church Welfare just to feed her family. Do I even need to say the words “Bill Clinton,” or “Ted Kennedy,” much less the all-time heavyweight champion, “John F. Kennedy?” […]

Whatever it was, we may still allow ourselves perhaps an ounce of compassion for both Edwards, and quite a bit more for this unlucky child and move onto more high-minded matters, like the newest senator from Massachusetts… the one with the naked Cosmo centerfold.