Vanity Fair’s A A Gill visits the Creation Museum

Faith without mystery, without question & doubt, and without metaphor is no longer alive – it’s just kitsch. At least, that’s my takeaway from this piece, and it explains why so much Christian rock is terrible.

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It cost $27 million and was completed in 2007. It answers the famous question about what God could have done if he had had money. This is it. Oddly, it is a conspicuously and emphatically secular construction. There is no religious symbolism. No crosses. No stained glass. No spiral campanile. It has borrowed the empirical vernacular of the enemy to wrap the literal interpretation of Genesis in the façade of a liberal art gallery or library. It is the Lamb dressed in wolf’s clothing.

I spent a lot of time in the Eden picnic area, trying to wrest some sort of spiritual buzz, a sense of the majesty and the mystery, but it’s conspicuously absent. Literally beaten to death. This is the profound represented by the banal, a divine irony.