Digby: “Until Democrats take conservative ideology head on…”

As usual, Digby provides the perspective, the analysis, and the spark we need to reframe this issue.

Clipped from digbysblog.blogspot.com

Now the truth of the matter is that “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter” because he left a much higher deficit than when he came in and Republican presidents continued to create huge deficits ever since then. But what he did do was make “deficits” the boogeyman which Republicans would use as a weapon against any liberal initiatives. And Democrats still go along with it, as if they were all just born that morning and have no idea what came before.

Until Democrats take conservative ideology head on, expose its inconsistency and self dealing and then make an affirmative case for liberalism, this little game of Lucy and the political football will continue.

And conversely, liberalism will be discredited even though it did all the heavy lifting.