Juxtaposition: The Real Threat

Since her failed Presidential bid, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has spent the last several months working on her Johnny Iselin impression, trying to compile a list of the 207 57 card-carrying Muslims in the Department of Defense and other agencies.

I can only imagine what Bachmann would think of a hijab-wearing, sharpshooting Malaysian naval officer who “recites verses from the Koran” to keep her unborn baby from kicking while she practiced for the Olympics.

So, without further comment, here’s Michele Bachmann’s defensive Op-Ed of her innuendo-based Muslim witch-hunt and an AP profile of Nur Suryiani.

Michele Bachmann: Beware of radical Islam

Source: StarTribune

In a recent interview, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said “the West is asleep on the issue of Islamist extremism.”

Sadly, he’s right. The panic-stricken reaction to the letters that four of my congressional colleagues and I recently wrote to the Inspectors General of five government agencies, asking them to simply investigate the premise of our concerns, is an illustration of exactly how unwary many of our leaders are here in the United States.

Whatever the reasons for it, Washington’s political and media establishment fears an honest discussion about the real threat to this country posed by radical Islam. They are reluctant to initiate an honest assessment as to whether the Obama administration has subordinated national security to political correctness.

Our letters asked a set of important questions — based upon publicly available information — about the Obama administration’s policy concerning radical Islam. […]

It is my duty as a member of Congress to ask why the Obama administration has repeatedly undermined America’s national security and bows to political correctness on issues related to radical Islam. The safety and security of every person in my district, as well as all Americans, is of preeminent importance and concern to me.

The Washington establishment has two choices: It can either remain asleep about the threat of radical Islam, or it can do everything possible to rally the country to a defense and preservation of American values and our way of life. We owe that to the American people.

Nur Suryani Mohammed Taibi: Olympic Shooting Competitor Is Due After Games

Source: AP

A Malaysian woman who is eight months pregnant will compete in 10-meter air rifle at the London Games. She found out she would be a mother just days after she found out she would be an Olympian.

Nur Suryani Mohammed Taibi is due in September. Perhaps feeling some of mom’s Olympic excitement, the baby is kicking, and between deep breaths Taibi will ask her unborn child for restraint during competition Saturday.

“I will breathe in and breathe out and try to calm myself down and talk to baby: ‘Behave yourself and help Mummy to shoot.’ And luckily she understands. She always understands,” Taibi told the Olympic news service. […]

“If I won the medal, I will see this is as yours, as you helped Mummy so much,” Taibi said, speaking of the baby. “Maybe you give me more strength

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, more stability and more confidence.” […]

She said her husband helps her remain calm and focused on the positive.

“When you think negative things, it will give you more stress. Then it will make your anxiety greater, and then you cannot handle the stress and the situation,” Taibi said. “It makes you less confident of yourself and less focused on yourself.”

To her parents, the mom-to-be is already a champion.

“Whatever happens, I’m satisfied already,” her father, Mohammed Taibi, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Friday from the family home in northern Malaysia.

“I’m proud of her. I’ve told her: If you can compete in the Olympics, that’s such an achievement already – all the more when you’re pregnant,” “We’re her family, so we support her. We’ll be praying for her,” he said.