IN-8 Debate Postponed

A flurry of articles the last couple of days.

Most importantly, the debate scheduled between Hostettler and Jennings for Monday morning was postponed due to Jennings’ illness (flu-like symptoms). From the Evansville Courier & Press, 12 October:

Both campaigns are working with “A.M. Magazine” host Warren Korff to reschedule the debate. They hope to announce the new date today. The format for the rescheduled debate will be the same. There will be no commercials during the broadcast and listeners will be able to call in with questions. Hostettler, Jennings and Libertarian candidate Mark Garvin participated in a tape-delayed televised debate last month on WAZE-WB19. But efforts by other television stations to organize a second televised debate between the congressional candidates haven’t materialized.

The Courier & Press also ran an AP article about the national attention given to multiple Indiana races, including the Bloody 8th and Blue Dog Baron Hill’s surprisingly close race in the 9th District.

Finally, some good news. Saturday, Jennings appeared with fellow Hoosier Democrats – including Gov. Joe Kernan and Sen. Evan Bayh – for a series of speeches attended by “several hundred people”, according to the Courier & Press:

“I’ve met men who have worked 30 to 40 years (in coal mines),” Jennings said. “They got up every day to go to work, they paid their taxes – they did everything they were supposed to do, only to find out in a letter that they were no longer going to have health care or prescription drugs.

“My friends, I’m going to say it like it is: That’s the most un-American thing that’s going on in this country today.”

Cries of “That’s right!” and “Those are OUR benefits!” echoed agreement with Jennings’ statements, and later with those of Kernan.

Not many other news outlets in the state picked up on this rally. Please post other news stories/polls on this race!

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