SUSA shows Daniels’ lead growing

(H/T to Hoosier Political Report)

New poll numbers from Survey USA (8/16/08-8/18/08, likely voters, MOE 3.9%):

Daniels / Skillman (R) 52
Long Thompson / Oxley (D) 38
Horning / Kelly (L)3
Stried / O’Brien (I)3

Unfortunately, Daniels has increased 2 points, and JLT has declined by 7 since the last SUSA poll 8 weeks ago.

Looking at the crosstabs, the JLT campaign has a lot of work to do. She’s currently trailing among women, and in every age group.
Where’s she’s leading:

  • Northern Indiana
  • Voters who rank healthcare as the top issue
  • African-American Hoosiers

Unfortunately, that’s about it. Currently 23% of Democrats are supporting Mitch Daniels – that number needs to come down. JLT has a lot of work to do among women voters, young voters, and especially pro-choice voters.

But there’s hope:

  • Daniels has the support of less than half of likely voters who list the economy as the top issue. And that’s a large chunk of voters – 45%.
  • Daniels support seems to be less solid.

So it comes back to what I’ve said before: hit Daniels on the economy, and hammer home the disconnect between Mitch’s 2004 promises and rosy language with the current reality. Something like this would be a good start.