Southern Indiana Congressional fundraising roundup

9th District

Indiana 9th District (3/31/2012)
Candidate Name Raised Cash on Hand
Jonathan George $18665 $17229
Robert Winningham $57750 $19498
Shelli Yoder $33712 $24302
Todd Young $176253 $666591

General George’s campaign raised less than $20,000 since January 1; combined with his fundraising from last year, he’s collected just over $40,000 in total.

Winningham has raised $82,861 to date, based on his latest filing, including almost $60,000 since January 1. On April 17, Winningham loaned his campaign $4785. I can’t tell from the filings if this was in addition to the same amount he loaned to his campaign earlier in the week, or if this is just a duplicate filing. While many of Winningham’s itemized contributors from 2011 were from Texas, his latest filing shows much more local support.

In the meantime, incumbent Republican Todd Young raised more than $176,000 since January 1, including $48,500 in contributions from PACs.

8th District

Indiana 8th District (3/31/2012)
Candidate Name Raised Cash on Hand
Dave Crooks $184169 $394262
Larry Bucshon $96670 $407114
Kristi Risk $15815 $7973

Incumbent Republican Larry Bucshon raised $96,670 since January, with more than half that amount coming from PACs. He’s raised more than $644,000 this cycle. The FEC does not have an April filing from Bucshon’s primary opponent, Kristi Risk. She had raised about $24,000, and had about $11,000 cash on hand at the end of December. Update: The FEC finally has a quarterly report from Kristi Risk’s campaign. I’ve updated the numbers in the table above. Risk raised just under $16,000 for the quarter – less than her campaign spent in the same period – and has raised about $40,000 for the cycle.

Democratic challenger Dave Crooks has raised an impressive $184,168.87 since the start of the year, a figure that includes a $25,000 loan by the candidate to his campaign and $75,000 in PAC and committee funds. He’s raised $443,892.76 for the cycle, according to his April quarterly filing.