Shameless Plug: Netroots Nation Scholarships

[Author’s Note: I didn’t mean to save this or publish it yet; but now it’s out, so flame me for self-promotion if you must. –Brian]

I had come to the unfortunate conclusion that I would not be able to attend Netroots Nation this year; it was a hard decision to make, since I’m still kicking myself for missing YearlyKos in Chicago. But then I got an email that Democracy for America was extending their scholarship program – they’re providing registration and housing for 20 people. As an active member of DFA, I thought it was too good an opportunity to pass by.

I’d like to ask for your support. If you’re a registered user on DFA (it only takes a minute to register, by the way), please stop by my scholarship profile page and click the support button.

What’s in it for you? Well, I’m one of only two people in Indiana currently seeking the scholarship. Additionally, I pledge to blog the heck out of every aspect of Netroots Nation – at my usual home ( and here at BlueIndiana. I’ll bring the experience to you. If I make it to Netroots Nation, my goal is to capture and document as much of the shared knowledge as possible, and bring it back to Indiana. (In my day job, I’m a technical communicator; documenting is what I do.)

Netroots Nations speakers this year include Howard Dean, Paul Krugman, Lawrence Lessig, Duncan “Atrios” Black, Digby, and Rick Perlstein.

If you’re willing, please click the link to support me, and improve my chances of winning a scholarship to Netroots Nation in Austin.