Rachel Maddow & Joe Sestak on Steve Buyer’s healthcare fearmongering

Rachel Maddow and guest Congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA) tear apart Steve Buyer’s (R-IN) lies about healthcare reform and veterans. It’s unfortunate that Buyer, a former JAG lawyer, would lie about veterans – but Admiral Sestak is there to correct the record.

Partial Transcript, via MSNBC:

MADDOW: Not at all true, but it does neatly wrap up the government-run healthcare “kill the old people, forced abortions” conspiracy theories all in one convenient surly package.

The disprovable but nevertheless endlessly-stoked conspiracy theories about health care have bullied their way to the table. And they sit there loudly and obnoxiously next to actual concerns about health reform and across from ideas about how to actually fix what‘s broken.

The next crazy disprovable conspiracy theory coming down the pike? The next bit of scare-tactic politics based as far as I can tell in pure bullpucky appears to be scaring our veterans into thinking that their care will somehow be taken away if we reform health care in this country.

Cue Congressman Steve Buyer. He represents Indiana‘s fourth congressional district. He is the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. Mr. Buyer today issued a press release stating, quote, “The current Democrat bill harms veterans.”

Yes, the same reform ideas that seek to kill old people and kids with special needs and which mandate abortions is also a dastardly and unpatriotic move to harm the people who have fought to defend this country. Except, of course, it‘s not any of those things.