Juxtaposition: Joe Donnelly for Senate

Joe Donnelly, currently serving as the Representative for Indiana’s 2nd District, is unopposed for the party’s nomination for US Senate. He’ll be facing the winner of the Mourdock-Lugar primary race and Libertarian candidate Andrew Horning in the general election.

On Tuesday, Donnelly’s campaign joined with other Democrats in bringing attention to “Equal Pay Day.”

But just last week, Donnelly was the sole Democrat named to Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s Toxic Ten list, “remembering those who sought to end access to affordable health care for millions of women” by supporting the Pence Amendment to defund Planned Parenthood:

Running for Senate in Indiana, Congressman Joe Donnelly is campaigning on a platform to stand up for families. Unfortunately the policies he supported as a Congressman haven’t always followed suit. In his own words, “I think Indiana would benefit from having a senator whose priorities are day-in and day-out: jobs, the economy, and standing up for working and middle-class families.” His words, however, don’t square with his record—and Donnelly voted for the Pence amendment which would have effectively defunded Planned Parenthood. What are the working and middle class families who go to Planned Parenthood as their primary source of health care supposed to do? You only have to take a look at his record to tell that his “pro-life credentials are crystal clear.”