Gun group accuses Indiana’s Obama campaign of misusing email list

Jake Tapper is reporting that the National Shooting Sports Foundation is accusing the Obama campaign – and specifically, the Indiana for Change campaign – of misappropriating its email list:

Somehow, the NSSF charges, on September 27, 2008, the Obama campaign’s Hoosier arm — “Indiana for Change” — distributed a press release to the SHOT Show media list, one entitled “Statement from Barack Obama on National Hunting and Fishing Day.”

“Obama for America through its Indiana for Change arm has violated NSSF’s legal rights and caused NSSF damages for partisan political gain,” accuses Lawrence Keane, vice president and legal counsel for the trade association, demanding that Obama’s campaign stop using the list, destroy it, and pay NSSF a quarter million dollars for having used it.

You can see a PDF of the NSSF letter here. In my view, the NSSF loses a little credibility by CC’ing “Barak H. Obama”. If you can’t spell a Presidential candidate’s name correctly, what else have you overlooked?