Brilliant look at Evan Bayh & weak-kneed Dems on #HCR, through football metaphors

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Bayh and the Blue Dog Democrats remind me of the Cincinnati Bengals of the 90s under owner Mike Brown.

One sportscaster called them “an embarrassment to sport,” as in, the entire human endeavor of sports, where a team supposedly should try to win, perhaps out of basic competitiveness or pride or shame. During the 90s, some critics felt that Mike Brown had no real interest in or commitment to fielding a competitive team.

Evan Bayh and most of the Blue Dog Democrats (we’ll include Lieberman) aren’t really interested in reforming health care, helping their constituents significantly, or making the country a better place.

So, in football terms, Evan Bayh (a senator from Indiana) is saying that, in the upcoming Super Bowl, the Indianapolis Colts shouldn’t score on the New Orleans Saints, because that might make the Saints upset, and if only the Colts don’t make the Saints upset, the Saints might allow the Colts to score later.