Privacy & Use


Inspired by Tim Libert, I chose to use Piwik instead of Google Analytics. I have configured Piwik to collect only the first 3 octets of your IP address (eg, Since I use Piwik, that data stays on my server, rather than being sent to Google. The site sets a basic cookie to collect this information. You can opt out of this cookie here:

I also ask Piwik to honor the “Do Not Track” browser setting.


I do use Feedburner (a Google service) to provide the RSS feed for this blog. If you’re uncomfortable with the Google-viathan having any of your information, then you probably shouldn’t subscribe to the RSS feed. If I find a better alternative than Feedburner, then I will consider switching and update this policy.


Comments are currently moderated for spam by Akismet, which means they can see your comment and/or IP address. If I find a better way of handling this, I will update this policy.

If you choose to leave a comment using the WordPress login, then I can see some additional details.

Embedded Content

Whenever possible, embedded videos from YouTube use their “Privacy-Enhanced Mode”.


I don’t currently run ads on this website. I don’t intend to ever run ads on this website. If that should ever change, I will update this policy.

User Data Transfer

I don’t sell or otherwise intentionally deliver any user data to anyone, unless I am required to do so by law.


Since this website is in my name, I have ultimate editorial control. Comments that promote violence, racism, misogyny, or homophobia will not be allowed. Comments that directly attack other users of this website will not be allowed. Comments that are SPAM, or engaged in any kind of selling of unrelated products will not be allowed.